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Jewellery Design Workshop - 5th, 6th, 7th of August 2011.

Jewels , as in the past, will continue to be the objects of beauty and desire. As per the CII report, The Indian Gems and Jewellery industry , with a domestic market size of US$ 16.1 billion, is one of the fastest growing segments in the Indian economy with an annual growth rate of approximately 16 per cent. Though the Indian Gems and Jewellery market continues to be dominated by the unorganized sector, with the Indian consumer becoming more aware and quality conscious, branded jewellery is becoming very popular. With growing attention and increased competition among jewellery brands given to the finished jewels as products in a showroom, the designer cannot be far behind and there is an ever  increasing  demand for professional jewellery designers.

In retrospect to the growing demand for jewellery designers, DQ Labs, Bangalore is announcing the Jewellery Design Workshop on the 5th, 6th and the 7th of August 2011.This workshop is meant for Professionals, Amateurs, students and people who have taken up designing jewels as a hobby. Providing Understanding on the basics of jewellery designing and generating original designs that can be added to ones' portfolio is the aim of this course.

Orienting the avid participant towards creating attractive and feasible designs in jewellery makes for most of this workshop. Practicing jewellery designers who are conducting the workshop will introduce the participant to the various styles and methods involved with designing different types of jewellery. The workshop is also divided such that each day deals with specific pieces of jewellery.

The workshop which commences on the 5th-this day is dedicated to the designing of ‘Rings and Earrings’. The 6th of August is allotted to the designing of ‘Bangles and Bracelets’. Finally the 7th looks at the designing of ‘Pendants and Necklaces’. Designing all these pieces and working with Metals, Precious Stones, Findings (Clasps, joints, etc.) will be the focus of the workshop.

A certificate is provided to each participant. The design created by each participant is evaluated by the practicing designers themselves, giving an opportunity for participants to add value to their design portfolio and helping these participants in their business of making jewels. Amateurs are assisted by taking them one step higher in the field of Freelance Designing in jewellery.

Course Fee: Rs.8000 for the three day course (total of 18 hours).
NOTE: An early bird discount of 25% will be given to the first ten participants.

Timings:  11AM and 5PM on the dates mentioned. (A Lunch Break from 1PM to 2 PM)
Call to reserve your seat: 09591001000- DQ LABS
Workshop Address: DQLABS, #408, 6th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560008.
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