About Nata

About NATA - NATA is National aptitude test in architecture. 10+2 or PUC students who want to pursue a career in architecture will have to qualify NATA for securing an admission in any of the architecture colleges in India. NATA is conducted by COA – Council of Architecture. Official site for NATA is www.nata.in

NATA is conducted through out the year and students can take it any time and date of their choice. However CET cell of each state might have a different date deadline for the submission of the NATA scores to them in order to qualify the aspirants for counseling of B arch seats. For example Karnataka CET cell has set May 15th as the last day for receiving of NATA scores. So the students have to be aware of this deadline and plan to take NATA before the Specified date by the respective State CET cells.( note: individual NATA score are announced 3 days after the student has taken the test)

NATA can be taken any number of times in a year. This means if a student gets less score he can retake the test to improve his score by re-registering for the NATA by paying fees again. However NOT the best score BUT the average of the scores is taken into consideration. For example a student scores 80/200 marks in the first attempt and 110/200 marks in the second attempt his over all score is (80+110)/2 = 95 marks. If in the second attempt he managed to score only 50/200 then his over all score would get reduced to (80+50)/2 = 65. So it is always better to prepare well for the exam and get good scores in the first attempt itself. NATA scores are valid for 2 years.