Apoorva Sharma, New Delhi

Submit next assignment by 19t hApril.

Correct the sketches as per feedback and resubmit. also submit next set of assignments by 15th April.

Submit next set of assignments by 12th April

Submit the next assignment by 9th April.

Correct the ants eye view, also draw the next assignment nad submit by 7th of April.

Submit next set of assignment by 5th April.

Submit your next asignment by 5th April


tukun said...

Dear sir,
How can i improve the 1 point perspective drawing in which there are buildings on either side?
Apoorva Sharma

tukun said...

the third 2d drawing from the top is not mine. I also submitted the worksheet which has not been evaluated.

Niveditaa said...

congratulations on ur score!

tukun said...

thank you ! :)