correct the mostakes and resubmit the sketches...

redo the assignment as perthe feedback and also submit pending assignmetns by 20th April

Submit next asssignment by 16th April.

Submit next assignmetns by 15th of April.

Submit next set of assignemnts by 12th April.

render thebelow sketches in a way that the subject of the topic gets all attention. submit them by 12th April.

Submit the interior views too as given in assignment 8. Submit them by 6th April.

Submit the interior views too as given in assignment 8. Submit them by 6th April.

Submit next asignment sent by email by 5th April.

Create a 3d composition using a cofeemug, mobile phone, 2 pens and a note book. do the similar rendering that you have done for the below assignment. submit the drawing by 5th April.

Submit next assignment by 30th MArch.

Submit the next assignment by 29th MArch

Submit the next assignment by 27th MArch.

I have sent your next assignment. submit it by 29th March.


Abhirup said...
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Abhirup said...

In the "Stable Composition" type questions are they expecting a real life situation arrangement of the given objects or are they trying to judge the interior designing skills where one deliberately creats an art out of these random objects??

umesh said...

A stable composition can be intepreted in many ways. One will have to make a decision based on if it applies to 2d or 3d composition,the elements asked to draw in the question.

A stable composition can be a visually well balanced composition ( applies to 2d composition) or physical balance of objects used in the composition ( 3d composition). what ever the case may be they should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Abhirup said...

I will submit the Assignment 8 Interior by 8th as I hav my last 12th Board Exam on 7th.

umesh said...

sure...no problem.

Niveditaa Gupta said...

hey abhirup
i gave nata on th same date as you...the sketching part went well, i was a little bewildered when i read the theme sketch topic....."open air cattle market!"...but yeah..i did pretty well...the online part was a disaster. really. i scored a freaking 44 on 100!...how was urs?
please tell.

shibani said...

hey guys...how do i register here

umesh said...

Hi Shibu, you can register at nata.dqlabs.in by buying a package...