Tripti Lunia, Chhattisgarh.

redo the beow and submit the new assignmetns sent to you...asap..

Submit next assignment by 20th April.

Redo the ant in a candy bottle exercise as per the feedback and submit the sketch by 12th April. Use 6b and 8b pencils for the same. Also make a 2d composition using the shapes od dinner set. create minimum 5 diffeernt compositions and submit.

Redo the assignment as per the feedback and submit them by 7th April.

Submit your next assignment by 5th of April.

submit other drawings by 29th march.

Take up one more sketch, follow hte same process and do the sketch with rich grey tones as indicated in the below feedback. submit the sketch by 29th March.

Redo any one sketch as per the feedback. Submit it by 24th March

I have given you next set of assignments. submit them by 22nd MArch.

draw the sketchs clearly and dark. resubmit them asap.

do your next assignment as per the feedbcak and Draw the objects big 2 views of one object in one A4 sheet and show all the minute details. submit the drawings by 1st March.

i have sent you next set of assignments. submit them by 15th Feb

Submit the pending perspective assignments and also redo the coloring assignment as per the feedback, by 8th Feb.

Lets start with the foundation course assignments you. I have sent you a set of assignments. submit them by 25th Jan.


Unknown said...

sir dull in what sense? i actualy rub it with cotton so that it looks uniform. is that making it dull?

umesh said...

Hi Tripti,

take a print of the reference sketch and compare it with your drawn sketch and observe how the reference image has got deep black and grey color tones as compared to yours.

dull means lack of depth to the sketch, whcih can be brought in by playing with the richness of grey color tone.

is this clear now?

Unknown said...

yea..ill submit by 6pm

Unknown said...

can u pls tell me still what are the mistakes in my sketch which is preventing it from getting a gud score. Also it will help me to avoid mistakes in the next sketch

umesh said...

Hi tripti, as of now , in th ereplication of sketchs, compared with the last one, your are doing good, you wil just have to add a bit more contrast to your sketches. (depth) once you finish with 3d replications, i shall comment on your other skills. it is important you crack the 3d composition and shading skills 100%

Unknown said...

Hi sir,
I havent submitted 1 one of the memory drawing. Its coming out to be really shabby(human figures). Can u pls guide me with that..

umesh said...

send it to me , let me have a look at it.

Unknown said...

Hi sir,

my next assignment is not clear. pls care to elaborate.

I also wanted to know about the colouring pattern for mirror images(as asked in eee b.arch) other than making it symmetric. As the question says colour it so as it appears interesting...

Unknown said...

Sir im quite concerned about aieee. Im strong with maths and aptitude but stand way too low in sketching. u know it better. Is there any chance of getting a good rank? I hav much hopes from aieee than nata..

Unknown said...

Hi sir,

I have my aieee(b.arch) on 25th april. Pls can i submit my assignments by 26th? I have extended my nata date to 18th may..