Siddharth, Indore

Correct all your pending sketches so far. You have almost done the basic sketching exercises. Now you have to master them. And it is possible only by redoing and correcting your pending sketches as per the given feedback. I have sent you fes assignments by email. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010.There are year end vacation for dqlabs from 21st dec to 31st decemeber. you will get feedback of your sketches on 4th of Jan.

once you are done through these exercises. you will be given a series of tests in which you will implement all the concepts you have learnt so far. so do the needful as suggested to proceed further.

There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So please submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing

submit your perspecctive draiwngs pending work along with new assignments by 14th Dec.

I have sent you a new set of assigments. submit them along with your perspecctive draiwngs pending wok by 7th Dec.

I have sent you next assignment. submit it along with the pending work by 30th NOV.

good improvement. understand the feedback given and correct your sketches. submit the drawings by 23rd Nov.

your next assignment is sent by email. submit it by 30th october. iwant you to spent time in drawing the objects in the theme as clearly as possible. invest time in studying the details of the objects you are drawing in the scenes. This exercise is for you get all the perspective views correct and also develop an eye for object drawing.

Redo the kitchen and candy assignments, as per the feedback. ensure that the details are drawn clearly. submit the drawings by 19th october.

next assignment sent by email. submit it by 13th october.

i have sent you the next assignment by email. draw it and submit.

Lets start with perspective assignments for theme sketching and 3d composition. i have sent you assignment by email. submit it.

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