Shalaka Degwekar, Bangalore

Submit To1 by 3rd sept 2010.
try to reattempt your sketches as per the feedback.

submit next assignment by july 15th

Correct your sketch and resubmit..

Submit next assignment by june 10th.

submit next assignment by 20th May.

render the scenes and resubmit the sketches by 1st May.

Submit next set of Assignments by 21st April.

Submit next assignment by 19th April.

Correct your sketch and resubmit by 12th April. Also in similar approach do the 3d composition of the assesment test and submit the same.

Follow the given feedback and draw a 3 d composition using a photoframe , book, mobile phone and cofee mug. Submit it by 8th of April.

Submit the next assignmnet by 5th of April.

SUbmit your next assignment by 29th March.

Submit your next assignment by 22nd March

i have sent you your first assignment. submit it by 22nd MArch.

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