Namita, Kerala

redo the 2d and 3d sketches with different compositions...

Submit next mock test by 26th April

Submit next mock test by 22nd April

Correct and resubmit as per the feedback by 20th April.

Submit next mock test by 14th April.

redo the sketches as per htefeedback and submit them by 13th April.

redo nad submit the 3d assignments as per the feedback by 12th April.

Submit the next mock test by 7th April

apply the feedback and submit your pizza sketch and others by 5th of April.

Answer mock test 1 and submit thesketches by 29th MArch. aslo submit the below redo sketch,

correct your sketch. Create 3 new different compositions for the same question. submit them by 24th March.

I have given you next asignment. submit it by 22nd march.

Make a 2d compostion using the parts of a fountain pen. use the parts as many as required. color them and submit hte drawing by 15th March.

I have sent you next set of assignments. submit them by 1st March.

Now you have to take a little step higher and think before what you draw. be observant of the main subject, the things you want to highlight to represent the theme or topic etc. bring in thefeel by rendering appropriately. The sketching and rendering task is to express how best you can represent the given theme. do corrections to your sketches. if you feel the need of redoing, just do it. choose a different scene and try it. submit your corrected sketches by 15th Feb.

Going great !. update your drawings as per the feedback and submit. I have sent you a few more assignments submit them by 8th Feb.

good job. Submit the new assignments sent through mail by 1st Feb.

good going Namita, I have sent you a few more assignments. Submit them by 25th Jan.

I have sent you some assignments by email. submit them by 18th Jan.

let us start with improving skills for the theme sketch. i have sent you some assignments by email. submit them by 11th jan.


Unknown said...

dear sir,
I am attempting the NATA test on may 26,2010. Please tell me the areas i must work on more, during preparation for the the exam.
Thank you for all the continued help and guidance.

umesh said...

Hi Namita, go through the DQLABS online material thoroughly nad brush up your sketching skills. you will do well in NATA...

Unknown said...

is there any chance of asking us to use color in the theme sketch & 3d composition?

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