Mondrilla Banerjee, Kolkata

Submit next assignment..

update the below sketch and resubmit..

submit next mock test sketches.

do the necessary correction and resubmit..

the concepts you have learnt befare are not being seen fully applied in the mock test sketches. why is it so? are you constrined by time?...submit next mock test sketches asap.

Submit the next mock test by 20th April

Correct your drawings as per the feedback and submit them along with next mock test sketches by 14th April.

Correect your Pizza sketch and submit along with mock test 2 sketches on 12th of April.

Draw nad submit mocktest 1 drawign test by 6th of April

using design principles, create 5 diffeerent 2d compositions using shapes of a dinner set. submit them by 5th April.

Submit the design principles assignment by 25th March

Implement the feedback and redo the sketch. submit it by 24th March.

I have sent you next set of assignments. Submit them by 22nd March

Observe the surroundings arround you, photographs, and try to relate the sizes of objects with one another ( closer and farther to the eye) do your best attempt in Correcting the sizes of vehicles in the street Sketch and the the trees in the birds eye view sketch and submit them by 22nd.

Redo the drawings as per the feedback and submit them by 15th Feb.

Correct the 2 sketchesa dn resubmit them. i have sent you a new set of assignments. submit them all by 8th Feb.

good job. i have sent you a few more assignments, submit them by 1st Feb.

I have sent you a new set of assignments. submit them by 25th Jan.

I have sent you new assignments by email. submit them by 18th Jan

Submit hte 2d coloring assignment as per the feedback and other pending assignments by11 jan 2010 or as early as possible.

I have sent you 5 assignments by email. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010.There are year end vacation for dqlabbs from 21st dec to 31st decemeber. you will get feedback of your sketches on 4th of Jan.

Lets start your sketchdevelopment course with perspective. i have sent you some assignments by email. There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So please submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing.

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hey! i really like ur theme sketch composition:)