Lekshmi Lohithan, Trivandrum

I have sent you 5 assignments by email. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010

Next assignment sent by email. (There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So please submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing)

submit the new assignments by 7th dec.

I have sent you a new set of assignments, submit them by 7th DEc.

Your assignment 2 is to understand the following image about ant in a box , read the perspective chapter from the book and redraw the theme sketching incorporating the correct perpective veiwng angle. Draw what you have understood. submit the drawing by 19th october.


shubha said...

hey lekshmi..i saw ur sketches n dey were very good...i jus wanted to ask u dat how much score do we need to get admission in tvm architecture college...m 4m baroda n m preparin for nata...pls do reply my e-mail id is berries_shubhs@yahoo.co.in

Lekshmi Lohithan said...

hey shubha!
thnks for the comment! :)..I've replied to u by mail. :)