Kashmira Ranadive, Pune

Submit hte pending assignment as gien below the image by 5th April.

Use the similar shading technique and render a still life using a cofee mug, photoframe and a computer mouse. try to compose them in a interesting manner. I have also send you some perspective basic exercises by email. Submit all drawings by 23rd Nov.

let us start with fine tuning your rendering and shading skills. i have sent you some assignments by email . draw all of them as close as possible to the example sketches. think while you draw. think why the a object is been rendered in that particular way and how it is bring out life in that object. Submit the drawings by 9th NOV.


Unknown said...

I would like to know if we are allowed to use scales and machanical pencils for NATA.
Thank You

umesh said...

scales are allowed, but not mechanical pencils.

in case if they do not allow scales you can use edge of the question paper as a guide to draw straight lines.