Juneza Niyazi, Bangalore

further instructions have been given in your email.

let me know a detailed break up of time for different stages of your sketching for all 3 type s of questions...

Correct your sketch and resubmit..

do the necessary corrections and resubmit...

Submit next mock test asap. when are you taking your nata?

Submit the next mocktest by 20th April

Juneza, in most of your drawings, there is lack of neatness or odrer in some area or the other. why is this happening?..is it because lack of time? or patience?.....let me kow to help you better.

Submit the freehand drawings by 9th of April.

Design a saree border for a bride using geometrical shapes. color it appropriately.
Design a scuplture to be installed in gront of an architecture school.
Imagine you are travelling in a local train, that is jam packed with people, draw what you see.

Submit these sketches by 6th of April.

Attempt next mock test and submit by 29th march.

Correct your sketches & Submit them by 22nd March

Submit next mocktest sketches by 22nd March.

Good improvement. i am specifically looking for neatness in coloring. redo the coloring exercise as per the feedback and submit it by 15th March

redo the below submition as per the feedback. submit them by 8th Feb.

Attempt mock test 1 sketching questions and submit them by 1st Feb.

Neatness and Clarity is whaat you need to focus on right now for all your sketches hence forth. A little patience if employed while drawing would help you a lot. let us do a few ,more exercises in coloringand 2d till you gain subtantial progress. create 5 compositions with the sillhoutes of a clock, 3 pin plug, tooth picks and a tennis ball. get creative in the way you represent these 3d objects in 2d form. submit them by 25 th jan.

reattempt your compositions implementing the feedback. use color theory concepts while choosing hte colors. spend good amount of time on color combination. submit the drawings by 18th Jan.

Create 5 different interesting 2 D compositions following design principles, with 3 circles, alphabets 3 ,5,7 and symbol $. Color the compositions with any 4 colors. Submit the assignment by 11th Jan 2010.

I have sent you assignments by email. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010.There are year end vacation for dqlabbs from 21st dec to 31st decemeber. you will get feedback of your sketches on 4th of Jan.

correct/redo/reattempt your sketches as per the feedback. this is your next assignment. There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So please submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing

Submit the next set of assignments by 14th Dec.

Coorect the kitchen sketch. i ahve sent you a new set of assignments. submit all by 7th Dec.

correct the following drawings. i have also sent you some assignments on human figure drawing. Submit them by 30th NOV

excellent improvemnt.

i have sent you some assignments by email. draw and submit them by 23rd NOV.

Understand the below sketch, use one point perspective and draw the view. submit the drawing by 16th NOV.

redo the sketch as suggested . Draw a computer monitor in birds and ants eye view and submit the drawings by 9th Nov.

Now draw a gas cylinder in birds and ants eye view. submit the drawing by Nov 2nd

good job. next assigment is sent by email . submit it by 26th october.

Submit the next assignment as indicated below by 19th october.

i have sent you some assignments on perspective drawing , by email submit them by 13th october.


Unknown said...

u hav a good humour!

Juneza said...

I think my drawings especially The Composition examples lacked 3D effect compared to Siddharth's can you suggest how I can improve it.

umesh said...

are you mentioning about 2d / 3d or theme sketches?

Juneza said...

The sketchs with skull,hourglass etc

umesh said...

well to bring life to any sketch, these few things are necessary. 1. correct perspective 2. correct proportion of objects used 3. highlights, shades and shadows 4. tone variation and depth in pencil rendering.5. appropriate emphasis of the subject of the sketch by using the above 4 points.

get these in your sketch and your sketches will rock.

Juneza said...

My final exams have started
can I submit the pending assignment on March 1st and continue the course then onwards.

umesh said...


Juneza said...

Is it possible to take NATA on september 2010 for admission in the year 2011?

umesh said...

Yes, you can. contact your nearest test centre nd preebook your nata date...

Juneza said...

My date for nata has been fixed for july27.
Now what should i concentrate on regarding drawing and theory???
You said we will work on my time management for drawing once the date is fixed.

Juneza said...

Could you give me the enrollment key number coz i am not able to study from the online materials as my test is on july27

Anonymous said...

Sir, Can U give me an enrollment key too please...My Exam date is fixed on 19 July(this month)....I want to do as many mock test as I can till the date...and

Can U also tell me how can I submit my Sketching here