Gayatri Padmam, Trivandrum

Submit next assignment by 19th April

Submit next assignment by 9th of April.

correct the sketches as per the feedback. also submit the additional perspective assignments i have sent by email on 5th of April.

correct your sketches and submit by 5th April

submit the assignments pending.

your next assignment is sent to you by email. draw and submit it by 30th nov.

redo the below sketch. ALso Draw a gas cylinder and mixer grinder in birds and ants eye view. submit the m by 16th NOV.

I have sent you some assignments by email, draw and submit them by 9th NOV.

reattempt the ant in a box asignment with clue as given below. submit it by 2nd NOV

I have sent you perspective basic assignments by email. draw and submit them by 26th october. once yu complete the assignment try to use one point perspective for the ant in a box assignment and try to reattempt it. if possible submit the sketch along with the above said assignments.

Your assignment 2 is to understand the following image about ant in a box , read the perspective chapter from the book and redraw the theme sketching incorporating the correct perpective veiwng angle. Draw what you have understood. submit the drawing by 19th october.

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