Gargi Priyamvada, Bihar

Submit mock test 1 sketches by 7th April.

Draw an ants eye view of students group chit chating over an exam paper. submit this by 5th of April.

Implement the feedback, correct your sketches and submit them by29th MArch.

Attempt next mocktest and submit by 24th MArch

implement the feedback and resubmit sketches by 8th March

answer mock test 1 sketch questions and submit them by 1st March

good improvement. Now, based on these coloring assignments compose 2 different abstract geometrical compositions, color them nicely and submit them by 15th Feb.

I have sent you more assignments on coloring and 2d compositions. do them with an effort to improve your color application. submit the assignment by 8th Feb.

Submit the coloring assignment as suggested before by 1st Feb. also let me know your favorite medium for coloring- is it pencils, water colors, crayons or sketches?...

you need to work on your coloring application. it is not good as of now. Let me know if you are comfotable with any other medium other than pencils. Use that medium and replicate the below composition as close as possible. submit the same by 25th Jan.

Correct your assignments and submit them by 18th Jan.

your next task - redo the coloring exercise as per the feedback. use steadler pencils for color application. submit the drawing by 11th Jan 2010.

I have sent you 5 assignments by email. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010

your next assignment is to correct your sketch. the human beings should be drawn verticle to the ground. There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So please submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing

Submit the new assignment by 7 th dec or once you are back from trip.

i have sent you some figure drawing exercises and rendering exercises. submit them by 30th NOV.

good job. i have sent you the next assignments by email. submit them by 23rd nov.

Understand the below sketch , use one point perspective and draw the view. submit the drawing by 16th NOV

do the next assignment as indicated the below sketch and submit it by 30th october. if you have any difficulty in drawing let me know.

I have sent you some basic perspective exercises. submit them by 26th october.

I have sent you the initial skech assesment test by email. submit them by 19th october.

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