Dishita Shah, Mumbai

Submit Assignment A 05 - by 27thAug 2010

resuming course -

Submit next assignment by 7th June.

Submit next set of assignments by 20th April.

I have sent you nextr set of aasignments. submit them by 24th MArch.

redraw the one point and 2 point perspectives and submit them by 8th MArch

Submit the pending assignments, I have sent you a new set of assignments. Submit them all by 15th Feb.

correct below assignment as per the feedback. I have also sent you some asignments by email. submit them by 18th jan.

Let us start with improving your 3d composition and rendering skills. i have sent you some assignments, submit them by 11th Jan 2010.

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manu thiruvathira said...

gertyphiii,,, im harilal frm trivandrum kerala. i would like to become an architecture. im going to write nata test. will u pls give me advise about this nata test. i can draw buldings in any types of views.