Avani Aurora, Gurgaon

correct the sketches as per the feedback and resubmit...

Submit next assignment asap...

redo as per the feedback and submit 5 different compositions...

good improvement in coloring..submit 360 2d composition 5 options...with coloring...asap.

Submit the 360 composition asap.

Submit next assignment by 26th April

not good enough! Use charcoal pencils. submit next assignmetn by 21st April.

redo the rendering as suggested wit hcorrect grades of pencils and submit. if you have any doubts, let me know.

redo the sketch as per the feedback and submit them by 12th of April.

Follow hte feedabck and submit the drawings by 7th April.

Submit the next assignment by 5th of April.

i have sent you some perspective samples for practice. submit them by 1st FEB.

correct the sketches and also draw a computer monitor and a sofaset in ants and birds eye view. submit the sketches by 30th NOV

correct your below sketches as per teh feedback and also attempt the assignments sent by email. submit them by 23rd NOV.

now convert each of the boxes to cylinders and draw all hte views. submit the drawing by 16th NOV.

your next assignment is sent by email. submit it by 30th october.

Your next assignment is understand the below instructions, read the perspective chapter and redraw the ant in a box perspective theme as per you understanding. submit it by 19th october.


Unknown said...

i am taking the nata entrance on 3rd of may...
so if you could just send me the next assignment as well..

umesh said...

Dear Avani, you will have to start creating well rendered images depecting good 3d effect.This is very crucial for further assignments. I hope you are getting the point. I will send you next assignments, but i need to see some definite improvement in the above said area.