Gopika Nair, Kerala

Submit next assignment by 26th April.

Submit the next assignment by 20th April.

Submit the next asignment by 12 of April.

render the kitchen and the living room drawings. submit them by 7th April.

you need rigourous practice on perspective. redo the 3 sketches as per instruction aslo draw some views of your living room, bedrooms. from different veiwng positions. submit at least 5 views of each room. by 30 th NOV 2009.

good progress. Iwant you to continue your perspective exploration through digital camera. go to a place each week and capture the theme of the place in differnt perspective views. include people in it. This will tremendously improve your visualisation and perspective sensitivity. for this week, you can cover your classroom or college.
2. i have sent you some assignments by email, draw and submit them by 2nd NOV.

you need to develop your visualising skills. do teh following to improve it.

1. redo the sketch as per feedback.
2. you need to read a lot about perpsective drawing from the book. understand the theory thoroughly. submit a write up on your understaning of perpective views and 10 essentials features of any perpective drawing.
3. make photography your hobby. get a digital camera and take a few snaps of a near by market and send in 5 different shots depectice the street in one point perspective, 3 point perspective birds eye view nad ants eye view.

submit the above by 26th october.

1. send you sketches only to sketchevaluation otherwise your submission will get unnoticed.
2. redo the sofa ants eye view exercise.
3. draw a living room in ants eye view.

submit your drawings by 19th ocotber.

DAy 7- draw a tv, sofa set and a cofee table in birds eye veiw and ants eye view seperately and submit them.

DAY 6 - draw any 3 objects used in kitchen in ants and birds eye view

Good Job, Submit Day 5 assignments.


redo the coloring assignment and submit day 3 assignments by 10th july.

Please submit he foundation course assignment sent to you.

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