Rina Rani, Bangalore

DAY 13

answer mock test 6 and submit the sketches

DAY 12-

Correct the 3d task and also submit the theme sketch.

DAY 11

1)Your a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle).
Draw what you seel.

2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colours only)
use 6 candles one square box and 3 prisms...to create 3dimensional form


Attempt mocktest 4 and submit the sketches. stick to the tomelimit mentioned for each sketch.

Attempt Mocktest 3 all sketch questions and submit. use water colors / pencils for coloring the 2d question.


draw theme sketc hquestions of mocktes 1& 2 and submit them.

Day 7

Task 1 - redo the coloring assignmnet to create gradation effect. use pencils or watercolors for the same. follow hte feedback.
Task 2- draw a tv monitor in birds eye view and ants eye view.
Task 3 - design a sculpture for healthcare centre, to be displayed in the lobby. use baseic 3d geometrucal figures. create light and shade effect.

Day 6-
Task 1- create a composition using the basic 2d geometric shapes. color the pockets of spaces formed / enclosed between the shapes using 3 different color gradations.
Task 2 - create a 3d composition using basic 3d geometrical objects.
Task 3 - complete the basic perspective drawing assignments sent by email and submit.

Day 5-

Task 1 i have sent you some assignments on shading and 3d composition. draw and submit them.
Task 2- create a composition using the shapes of a dining set. color them using pencil or water colors.
submit the drawings by 17th April 2008 before 5 pm.

Day 4 - good job. try to create abstract compositions, rather than those that depict shapes of nature.

Task -1 compose a 2d drawing using the basic shapes found in a bicycle. color them and submit. create atleast 3 compositions. send you drawings before 5 pm on 16th april.

Compose a 2d drawing using number 3 6 0 . color with 3 hues. submit the drawing by tommorow 15th April before 5 pm submit atlest 3 different compositions

DAY 2- Lets start the assignments with focusing to improve your 2d skills first and 3d & theme sketching later. i have sent you design preinciples assignment. do it and submit them by 14th April 2009 before 5 pm.

PLease submit your Sketches

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