Dear Richa, redo the below assignment. keep these point in consideration while drawing the sketch. all edges of cubes on the same side should vanish to the same single vanishing point. take a print of the reference sketches and keep refer them closely while attempting the assignment.


i have sent you some basic perspective assignments. do them and submit.


Dear Richa, you need to really improve on shading. please go through the following link - and understand about shading. draw a 3d composition using watermellon, cocnut, knife and a hammer. redo the logo assignment. Submit atleast 2 different designs.

Day 7

Task 1- redo the below shading assignment.
Task 2 - create a 3d sculpture for an architecture college using sphere, pyramid , cone and cube. repeat them as many times as required.
Task 3 - design a logo for an architectural firm using at least 3 basic geometric shapes and color it in 3 hues.

submit the above drawing by 17th april 2009 before 5 pm.

DAY 6-

1. i have send you some shading steps and an assignment associated with it.
2. implement the feedback and replicate one more sketch and submit.
3. create a 3d composition using a cofee mug, 2 big boos and a computer mouse. submit the above 3 drawings by 15th april before 5 pm.


Task 1 - Design a logo for a architectural firm using any 3 basic 2d geometrical shapes. use them in any numbers as required. color it using 3 colors.
Task 2 - I have sent you some sample 3d sketches. replicate any 2 of them and submit the assignment by 14th April before 5 pm.

Day -4
create a 2d composition using 3 6 0. use any 3 colors and color the sketch.

Day-3. using sketch pens replicate the 2d composition i have sent you earlier. submit them by 2nd april 2009 5 pm.

Will be sending you some assignments on coloring and 2d drawings .please submit them by 31march 5 pm.


Unknown said...

is it more scoring to give a abstract drawings..
has my pencil sketching improved from the first time..

umesh said...

Hi Richa,

it is all about getting the wow factor in your drawing, whether you do an abstract composition or a mimic of nature. in general when somebody sees an unexpected thing, they are taken by surprise...get a wow feeling( offcourse, only if it is looking outstanding). for example, Amir khans ghajini body building is amazing. anyone who sees the movie would definetly say, wow. that is the emotion one should try to get in whatever creative activity one does.

your shading skills are improving, but a lot of scope for improvement. benchmark the 3d samples i have sent you. follow the shading steps i have sent you. practice. practice will improve for sure.

Ó«ťOnU said...

Hi dear Richa
I saw and found Your Work, its really good and hard to do .
I don't know much about drawing
but i can say is that you are good in your work..

well best of luck for your future dear.