Prisila, Goa

DAY 9 -
I have sent you some assignments on human drawings. please submit them.


1) Imagine you are a chairman of a company and you are in a meeting.The table is long and oval.There are 12 people present and the third person on your left is standing and giving a presentation. Tea and biscuits have been served to all the members.Draw what you see.
2) Using curved lines and straight lines represent peace. Use a color combination of your choice

3. Create a 3-D image using a bucket, a cloth, a rectangular box, a tumbler, and an earthen pot. Also show the formation of shadows due to a light source.

Submit your day 7 sketches.


1)Your a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle).
Draw what you seel.

2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colours only)
use 6 candles one square box and 3 create 3dimensional form

Day 6 -

using similar perspective concepts answer mocktest 1 and 2 theme scketching questions.

Day -5
i have send you some perspective assignments. submitthem by 17th april 2009 before 5 pm.

DAY 4-
Compose a 2d drawing using number 3 6 0 . color with 3 hues. submit the drawing by tommorow 15th April before 5 pm submit atleast 3 different compositions

Good Job Prisila,
for DAY3 assignment
Task 1- answer mock test 1 3d question and submit it.
Task 2- I will send you some information by mail about 2d compoisiton read it and answer the assignment. submit both the assignments by 13th April before 5 pm.


Anonymous said...

Sir, I just wanted to know, how much time would you recommend for each part of the drawing test? and is it better to do the theme sketch 1st or the 2D and 3D drawing first so that the rest of the time could be spent on the theme sketch?

Also, I wanted to let you know that I can draw much better than what I send you but it becomes difficult to make a good sketch within the time limit. Could you please help me with this?

Anonymous said...

Sir, those two theme sketches are darker....i will try to send them to you again....there is a problem with my scanner so i had to take a picture of them.