Malavika Murthy, Mysore

i have sent you next assignment by email. draw and submit it.

DAY 10 -

Lets move onto perspective drawing for theme sketching. i have sent you some assignments. submit them by 21st september.

DAY 8 - implement the feedback.

DAY 7. redo the 2d composition as per feedback.

good improvement. the color intensity can be a little more deeper. for next assignment, create 2 d composition using the shapes of computer mouse, basketball and a cofee mug. repeat the items as required to create an intersting composition. color it with 3 different colors.

Day 5. Implement the feedback and Hit the expected coloring outcome.ask me if you have any doubts.

Day 4 implement feedback and redo the assignment. you need to really catch up with your coloring skills.

Day 3- implement the feedback and red your sketch.

good improvement. now redo your 2d composition exercise with the new coloring method you have learnt. submit the sketch by 10th july.

lets get started with the 2d composition and coloring. buy steadler 48 color pencil set and using them redo your 2d composition coloring. make sure your ccolor application is bright and uniform. submit it by 3rd july 2009.

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