Babu Ommen, Dubai

DAY 15. of a saree using triangles n circles - use 3 colours 2.Your a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle). Draw what you see. 3. create a 3d sculpture for architecture school.

DAY 14- 1. implement the feedback and redo the 3d and theme sketches.2.Answer mock test 7 drawing section and send them.

good job. coloring has come very nice.the 2d composition is also good. This is the standard of compoisiton and coloring you are required to show in your NATA exam. is this a replication? or did you create it?.......

DAY 13 Assignment - 1.create a 2D logo for an architecture school. color it with 3 intersting colors. 2. create a 3d structure using 6 cubes and 2 spheres. render shades and shadows. 3. Imagine you are an ant standing amidst a pile of vegitables. draw what you see.
Do a good job of the above 3 questions. implement all your learnings so far.

Next assignment - Send in one sample coloring using steadler pencils. use gradation effect for it.

Submit day 12 assignments.

Submit day 11 sketches and pending coloring assignment.

redo the assignments as per the feedback and submit day 10 drawings.

good attempt Babu. you have done good in ants eye view. you just need some rigourous practice in it to become more comfortable. i suggest you to take few objects found on a dining table and draw ants eye view. if there are any errors in them i shall correct it while giving feedback. submit day 9 sketches sent to you.

DAY 8. submit hte sketches sent you .

DAY 7 submit the assignments sent to you.


submit the assignments sent.


submit the pending birds eye view assignment and the assignments i have sent you by mail today.



submit hte pending drawing of yesterday , as suggested in the feedback.

i have sent you assignment on human drawings. ssubmit them.

DAY 3 -
assignment sent to you email. draw and submit.


let us start with perspective exercises. i have sent you some assignments by mail. submit them by 8 pm 19th may 2009.

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