Anusha Ramesh, Dubai

i have sent you a few assignments by email. please do and submit them.


Anusha said...

Could you please tell me where exactly i need to make improvements? and what is an average score for these drawings?

Also, for the 3D drawing, i have included all the items the question asked for yet i scored a 90. So, i would like to know how the marking of each sub part you have evaluated me in.

When will I receive my next assignment? Since, i have holidays now I would like to complete as many assignments as i can.

Thank you for your time.

umesh said...

i have sent the assignment to your mail please check it.

go through the following students work and benchmark you work.

though you have used all the objects, some detailing of the objects are missing. so you got only 90. we would be discussing these and learn about them in future assignments. so dont worry.