Anna George. Dubai

Submit pending perpective replication sketches asap...

Submit next set of assignments by 19th April.

Correct the sketches as per the feedback and submit all other pending sketches in perspective by 14th of April.

Submit next assignments by 9th April.

Correct the sketches and submit by 6th April.

Correct and render your theme sketches, as you have practiced for 3d composition. submit the same by 5th of April.

Redo your 3 themesketches below as per the feedback and submit them by 30th March.

I have sent you 4 assignments by email. Also correct your below sketches as per the feedback. Submit them on 1st Jan 2010. you will get feedback by 4th Jan 2010.There are year end vacation for dqlabbs from 21st dec to 31st decemeber. you will get feedback of your sketches on 4th of Jan.

Next assignment sent by email. (There is a yearend holiday closing for DQLABS from 21st Dec to 31st Dec. You would not receive any feedback or new assignments during this time. So submit your assignment by 19th Dec to get a week load of new assignments prior to the DQLABS Year end Holiday Closing)

Sumbit the new assignments by 7th dec.

good progress. Now I want you to take up any 5 objects from your house and draw the birds and ants eye view. draw them big to fit the sheet, detail them out neatly and render them as you have done in the object drawing assignment before. submit the drawings by 2nd NOV

Submit the next assignment as indicated below by 19th october.

Perfect snaps. now using these photographs draw the cylinder in birds and ants eye view.....and submit the assignment.

check out Vidhya perspective assignments to get a feel of the ants eye view and birds eye view angles. Understand these viewing angles well to creatre dramatic pictures. redo the photography assignment for cylinder.

You need to improve your visualisation skills. for that do the photography as suggested and submit the photographs.

correct your sketch. draw a gas cylinder in birds eye view and ants eye view.

Day 9 correct the drawing as per the feedback

DAY 8 - draw any 3 objects used in kitchen in ants and birds eye view

submit day 7 sketches

Day 6 Redo the assignment thoroughly. you need to understand and learn the perspective concepts well to perform good in the upcomming asssignments.

very good progress. now lets focus on rendering your 3d composition. i have sent you your next assignmnt. submit them by 14th july.

Good Job. now redraw your 1st set of 3 questions based on the expected outcome exercise you have done.submit the drawings by 6th july,

lets start with understanding hte expected outcome in NATA test. i have sent you some assignments by email. please do them and submit by 3rd july 2009

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I wanted to know whether you'll are providing coaching apart from the assignments.