Tanvi Shah, Sholapur

practice the assignments sent to you... let us know how your exam was...

Submit next assignment by 1st may.

Submit pending aassignmetn by 20th April.

Submit next set of assignments by 14th April.

come up with 5 different abstract compositions for the same. submit them by 12th April.

Submit hte sketch as per the feedback by 6th April.

use the design principles and do hte 2d composition using numbers 3,6,0. color it and submit it by 29th MArch.

I have sent you next set of assignments, submit them by 22nd March

Good Job. i have sent you next set of assigments. Submit them by 11th March.

Update the below drawings as per the feedback. Also i have send you a new set of assignments. Submit all by 1st March.

I have sent you next set of asignments submit them by 15th Feb

good job!. i have sent you a series of assignments submit them by 8th Feb.

Correct the images as per the feedback and submit them by 25th Jan.

I have sent you new set of assignments, submit them by 18th Jan.

I have send you some assignments by email. submit them by 18th Jan.

Please submit your sketches.

Kavita, Vadodara

Submit next mocktest asap.

Submit next mock test asap...

Submit mock test 1 sketches asap

sumbit pending assignments by 20th April.

Submit mock test 1 by 16th of April

correct your both 3d composition and coloring assignments as per the feedback. submit them by 6th April.

correct the sketch and submit by 30th MArch

Draw and submit nest mock test by 27th March

correct your sketchewsand submit them by 24th March.

Submit the other pending sketches by 14th Dec.

I have sent you a set of new assignments. submit them by 7th Dec.

reattempt the candy jar assignment. i have sent you a few more assignments. submit all of them by 9th Nov. if you feel overloaded, submit only those you can draw within your availalbe time.

i have sent you the next assignment by email. submit them by 30th october.

draw any 3 object found on a dinning table in birds and ants eye view. (draw them in a group not individually) shade them appropriately to create 3d effect.

Visualise and draw ants eye viewand birds eye view of a gas cylinder. draw them big to fit in a A4 size sheet for each view.

i have sent you a new assignment by email. submit it.

Good Job. Now try to draw the given shape in all the 4 perspectives. Hint. try to fit in the shape in one of the different persepective boxes.

Lets start with perspective drawings. i have sent you soem assigments to your email. please do them and submit.