Somya Mahlawat, Ajmer

Dear Somya,

the sketch development course is comming to an end. lets conclude this with 2 mocktests. implement the skills you have learnt and do the following assignments.
DAY 14

1)You are a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(you are in the cradle).
Draw what you seel.

2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colours only)
use 6 candles one square box and 3 create 3dimensional form

Day 13

draw and submit mocktest 3,4 and 5 theme sketches. try to choose extreme perspective views, as that would give an instant wow effect.

Day 12.
task 1 - draw any 3 objects used on a dining table in ants & birds eye view individually.
Task 2 answer mocktest 1 &2 theme sketching and submit the drawings by 20th April before 5 pm

Day 11

i have sent you some assignments on basic perspective drawing. do them and submit.

DAY 10 - Redo the 2d and 3d compositions. submit them by 15th April 2009 before 5 pm. if you score well oin them we will proceed to theme sketching.

Day 9-
Task -1
answer mock test 1 2d and 3d questions and submit them by 13th April 2009 before 5 pm.
Task -2
Ih ave picked couple of photographs you have sent, and also given direction in the mail. follow them and submit your assignment.

DAY -8 . create a 3d composition using a coconut, watermelon, knife and a hammer. shade the drawing appropriately.
on the week end , if you get time, do the photography assignment to improve your perspective visualisation skills. you are required to take a lot of pictures in ants eye view ( example, when you stand infornt of a tall building and looking up to see the top most floor window of the building) and birds eye view ( looking down at a place that is at the foot of the building, from a tall building) you can get creative by taking macro photographs - taking close shots /pictures of objects ( for example, how would a TV look if you look at it from one of its screen corner. ) this will enable you to visualise the extreme perspective conditions, and how the proportion of objects behave from different angles. take 5 different objects and try to get birds , ants and normal eye view snap shots. submit most interesting ones by sunday evening. you will get feedback on monday morning 6th april (sat, sun holiday)

DAY -7 visualise and create a 3d composition using a cofee mug, mouse, penstand and 2 books. shade the drawing appropriately. submit the sketch by 2nd april 2009 5 pm.

Good progress in 2 d composition.
DAY 6 -
lets do some exercises in 3d composition. i have sent you a series of images. study them well interms of composition, shading and object detailing. choose 2 images and replicate them as close as possible. use 6b and 8b pencils for shading where ever required to create soft shading effects. submit the drawing by 1st of Aril, 5 pm.

Hope this exercise has given you insights on design principles you need to consider while doing the 2d compositions.
DAY 5 -
1. using these concepts complete TASK 2 of DAY 4.
2. create an interesting composition using squares, and circles. color them. follow design principles.
if you do this task well, we will move onto the next topic - 3d composition and stilllife drawings.
3. browse through and select 2 paintings you like and explain in terms of design principles why you like it.
submit the assignments by 5pm on 31st march.

Dear Somya,
Please read the design principles thoroughly and try to implement the concepts. use - principles of Balance (symmetrical / assymetrical), variety, contrast, harmony, unity and repetition of elements ( shapes and color). i will send you a work sheet. Answer it and send it back to me. i will check your understanding of these concepts.
Task 1 - Study design principles chapter and answer the work sheet.
Task 2 - compose a 2d drawing using numbers 3, 6 and 0. use each number as many times as required , however each number should be used atleast once. write down the logic behind your composition and how you are trying to follow the design principles to create an aesthetically pleasing composition.
submit the assignment by 5 in the evening of 30th MArch.

Day 3-
for a while lets focus on 2 d composition -go through the feedback to know what all areas you need to improve upon and how. redo the assignment. this time create 3 differnet composition with 5 star and 6 asterik shapes and color them. do the coloring carefully. in general all your assignments show certain level of sghabbyness. try to avoid that by carefull attentinve coloring and drawing. submit thse 3 drawings by 27th march 5 pm.

Day 2 Assignment -
1. for 2d assignment - compose an interesting pattern using the shapes of an asterisk and star.
use atleast 5 each. color them using any 2 colors.
2. for 3 domposition - create an interesting composition using sphere, cylinder, pyramid and a cube. imagine a spot light being focused on the composition and create shades and shadows.
3. for theme sketching follow the feedback given in below 3rd image.

submit the above 3 drawings by 27th evening 5 o clock.

there are no freehand drawings in nata 2009. so do not worry.


Unknown said...

Somya...not bad....good hard work really shows...!!

akshay said...

really hard work