Raziyya Ayesha , Dubai

check your mail for next assignment.

I have send you some assignments on human figure drawings. study and submit them.

Submit mock test 6 and 7 sketch questions.

submit the other sketch. 2d composition coloring could be much better. try to reattempt it in an interesting way.

1)You are visiting your Grandfathers place. You, along with a group are visiting a temple situated at a hill-top on a summer morning. There are people watching your group from the top while you are half-way towards it.

2)Using three equilateral triangles, ovals and curved lines, create a logo for 'CHAIN OF HOTELS' and colour it using not more than three colours of your choice.

3)Create a 3-D image using a bucket, a cloth, a rectangular box, a tumbler, and an earthen pot. Also show the formation of shadows due to a light source.

1)Your a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle).
Draw what you seel.

2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colours only)
use 6 candles one square box and 3 prisms...to create 3dimensional form

submit the pending sketches.

Submit mocktest 3 sketches. use water colors or pencil colors for the 2 d composition.

Good job. be cautious of the proportion of objects in the sketch.

draw and submit the other theme sketch .

Answer mock test 1 and 2 themesketching questions and submit them.

Task 1 - do some photography as given in the feedback to get acquinted with ants eye view.
Task 2 - Draw a stylish kid in birds eye view and ants eye view.
Task 3 - design a logo for IPL 2009 using the basic 2d geomteric shapes. color them with color Pencils ONLY.

Task 1 -Draw and shade a pespi 2 bottles in ants eye view and birds eye view using the perspective concepts .
Task 2 - draw a cooking gas cylinder in ants eye view and birds eye view.

submit the above drawing by 17th april 2009 before 5 pm.

redo the 3d composition. i have sent you some perspective exercises. do it and submit.

redo the 3d composition.

Design a 2d logo for an architectural firm using any 3 2d geometrical shapes. use as many as you require. color them with 3 hues.

Design a 3d sculpture to be installed infront of an architeture school. use any 5 geomtrical objects made up of 5 different materials. create shade & shadows and represent the material textures in the sketch

Redo both the assignments and submit by 13th April before 5 pm.

good imrpovement. lets move onto the 3d composition. i have sent you some samples. chose any 2 of them and replicate as closely as possible.submit the assignment by 3rd April. feedback and new tastks will be posted here on 6th April 2009 ( sat , sun holiday)

compose a drawing using + $ @ and ^ symbols. color using complimentary colors.9refer book for knowing about complimentary colors) submit them by 2nd april 09

redo this assignment. create 2 abstract , interesting compositions (compose a 2d drawing using numbers 3, 6 and 0. use each number as many times as required , however each number should be used atleast once. write down the logic behind your composition and how you are trying to follow the design principles to create an aesthetically pleasing composition.)submit the assignment by 5 in the evening of 1st April.

good job. Next Task-
1. using these concepts complete TASK 2 of 3oth march.
2. create an interesting composition using squares, and circles. color them. follow design principles.
if you do this task well, we will move onto the next topic - 3d composition and stilllife drawings.
3. browse through http://www.moma.org/explore/collection/index and select 2 paintings you like and explain in terms of design principles why you like it.
submit the assignments by 5pm on 31st march.

Please read the design principles thoroughly and try to implement the concepts. use - principles of Balance (symmetrical / assymetrical), variety, contrast, harmony, unity and repetition of elements ( shapes and color).
i will send you a work sheet. Answer it and send it back to me. i will check your understanding of these concepts.
Task 1 - Study design principles chapter and answer the work sheet.
Task 2 - compose a 2d drawing using numbers 3, 6 and 0. use each number as many times as required , however each number should be used atleast once. write down the logic behind your composition and how you are trying to follow the design principles to create an aesthetically pleasing composition.submit the assignment by 5 in the evening of 30th MArch.

for theme sketching follow feedback given in hte image. for 2d composition, create a 2d composition using 6 asteriks and 5 star shapes. use 2 colors. implement the feedback given below and submit your sketches by 27th evening 5 pm

redo both the assignments based on hte feedback. by doing these you will learn the essentials skills of perspective and 2d composition. submit them by 27th evening 5 pm

good job.
task 1-read chapter2.01, 2.02, 2.03 and make a visually pleasing 2d composition using 2 circles, 4 squares and 3 triangles. the shapes can vary in size. how ever they should not overlap. use an intersting color combination using 4 colors
task 2- do the perspective assignment as suggested in 2nd image bellow
submit dRawings by tomorrow evening

Dear Ayesha, lets start with your 2d composition and coloring skills. read the chapter on design principles from the book. and copy the 2d composition i have sent you by email. i want you to understand different abstract ways of composing a 2d drawing and hte criterea behind it. your color application skills are fine, except that you can intensify the application so as to make it look bright. and for all 2d shapes that you compose use a sketch pen and give thick neat borders with a darker shade of the color you have used for coloring the shapes.

secondly , i have send you a 3d composition images. follow them and replicate the drawing along with shading as suggested in different steps.
submit the above 2 assignments by tommorow evening.

also if possible install SKYPE and add my user id - ewkkay so that if required we can have 'free' tele conferencing where in we can discuss your progress and feedback.

submit the assignment by tommorow.


raziyya said...

sir, i just wanted to know if we are allowed to use mechanical pencils in NATA exam.
thank you

umesh said...

Dear Razziya,

No mechanical pencils are not allowed.

raziyya said...


i face problems in drawing human figures in different postures properly to suit the required perspective. could you please help me?

thank you

Bacteria said...

Can we use coloured pencils for NATA exam?