Ranjani Prabhu, Bangalore

i have sent you some 3d assignments by email. draw them and send.

I have sent you some assignments by mail. please do them and submit by 13th April 2009 before 5 pm.

still a lot of mistakes......understand the feedback and reattempt the below question. submit it(by 3rd feb) , if you get all correct, you can do the other assignments and submit them.

understand the feedback and redo all the other 4 assignments. there are many mistakes in them. submit your assignment by 28th jan.

redo the assignment and submit it by 15th jan. make sure the quality of lines you draw are neat and smooth. draw using first by a pencil and later by a sketch pen. submit both the drawings.

submit the above assignment by 5th jan 2009

implement the feedback and submit the drawings by 2nd jan 2008. you will have to send the scanned images in jpeg format, not doc format.

Dear Ranjani,

lets start with the freehand drawing. please read through the freehand chapter and attempt any 2 freehand drawings. do not color them . give attention ot proprtion, line quality and chararter . submit the drawings by 21st dec.


skill asessment feedback -
freehand line quality - 30%
ability to replicate proportion - 20%
mirror image drawing ability - 40%
color application - 30%
color combination choice - 40%

please draw a theme sketch on topic PAN SHOP and submit the drawing by dec8th.


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