Gudla Indira, Hyderabad

1. Create a 3d composition with a computer mouse, 2 big books and a cofee mug. shade teh drawing appropriately.
2. Create a 2d composition using the numbers 3, 6 ,9 color the composition.
Submit your drawings by 5 pm 1st April.

Day 2 Assignment -
1. for 2d assignment - compose an interesting pattern using the shapes of an asterisk and star.
use atleast 5 each. color them using any 2 colors.
2. for 3 domposition - create an interesting composition using sphere, cylinder, pyramid and a cube. imagine a spot light being focused on the composition and create shades and shadows.
3. for theme sketching follow the feedback given in below 3rd image.

submit the above 3 drawings by 27th evening 5 o clock.

Good Job. call me after you see this feedback.

Do the assignments sent by mail and submit them by todays end ( 21st March 2009)
Following is the Skill assesment test appraisal -

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