Vismaya Cherian, Cochin

submit pending assignments.

good job. complete the interior assignment 3 and exterior assignments 1,2,3 from the mail i had sent you earlier.

next assignment is sent to your email.

i have sent you next assignment by email.

next assignment is sent to your email.

submit the pending questions

1)Your a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle).
Draw what you seel.
2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colours only)
use 6 candles one square box and 3 create 3dimensional form

Draw and submit mock test 4 questions... for theme sketch question use extreme perspective efffect.

good job. answer mock test 3 all sketch questions and submit.

Answer theme sketching questions of mock test 1 & 2 . redo the below coloring assigment. submit the drawings.

Draw a stylish kid in ants and birds eye view.

imagine 2 tea cups along with saucers and a tea pot is kept on a cofee table. draw the shape of objects as it would look from top. color the teacup in in red to yellow gradation and tea pot in blue to yellos gradation.

Task 1 -Draw and shade a pespi 2 bottles in ants eye view and birds eye view using the perspective concepts .
Task 2 - create a 3d sculpture for an architecture college using sphere, pyramid , cone and cube. repeat them as many times as required.
Task 3 - design a logo for an architectural firm using at least 3 basic geometric shapes and color it in 3 hues.

Good Job. lets move onto theme sketching. i will send you some perspective assignments. please do them and submit.

Closer. now create a 3d composition using a cofee mug, 2 big books and a computer mouse.

Replicate any other sketch from the samples by implementing hte feedback given below. let me know if you have any difficulty.

use 6b and 8 b pencils for shading. i will sent you simple steps to do shading follow them and reshade the below drawing. try to use gradation of the shading to create depth / 3d effect in hte sketch.

compose a 3d drawing using cofee mug, mouse and 2 big books. shade the drawing appropriately. submit this by 5 pm 1st April2009.

your 2 d composition and perspective skills look good. lets focus on 3d drawing. i will send you some assignments and instruction by emai. do them and submit the drawings by 5pm 31march 2009

study the online material and books about 3d drawing thoroughly and correct the mistakes.

good job. please redo the above assiignment incorporating hte feedback. submith the drawing by today evening.

very good Vismaya, now can you use the same technique and a draw a street abuted by different type of buildings? submit the drawing by 5th dec.

good attempt. now i want you to use your imagination, and the concepts (one point perspective) you have used in making these two images and draw a bedroom and doctors room. submit the drawings by today evening. try to make the sketches as detailed as possible. (include all the elements that are relevant to each of the scenes.)

correct the mistakes and sent the assignments by today evening.

good job. you can try increasing the intensity of color, if not the coloring looks very pale and unintersting. please attempt mock test 2 freehand drawing. if you far well in that we shall continue with theme sketching. submit the drawing by today evening.

please follow the above instructions(image feedback) and submit the assignment. keep doing the freehand practice. while doing them give full attention for getting the lines neat without any unncessary waviness.
color the below drawing in 3 different color mediums you are comfartable with. submit them by evening 5 PM.

there is a lot of improvement. please do more practice, more practice and more practice.

I feel you can do a better job. please give one last attempt for the above assignment and make sure you get all the lines correct. submit this by today evening. if you get this right we shall move on to coloring.

Good effort. keep practicing. your aim while doing these exercises should be getting freeflowing quality freehand lines, rather than completing the assignment.

good improvement. please redo above 2 drawings tht has a redo remark. you need a rigorous freehand practice . i am sending you a series of assignments with instruction. please do them and submit every day for the next 3 days.

Please redo all the 3 drawings incorporating the feedback. a couple of things you need give due attention. 1. line character- it means the way a line flows. 2. tightness of the line- devoid of waviness in the freehand line. submit htem by today evening by 5 pm. give your best attempt.

1.correct the mistake and redo the assignment.
2. You havnt submitted the TASK 1 of 14th Nov. please do it.

 todays assignment (2nos) uploaded here.

submit these assignments by today 5'o clock in the evening.
15th Nov.2008


Dear Vismaya,
we will start with your freehand drawing. let me know from when you will be able to take up the assignments.


Unknown said...

Will it be okay if I can start taking up my assignments by 14th November?

Unknown said...

Things I learnt:
-A proper border gives a better visual appeal to free hand drawing
-Continuous lines must be practiced

-Proportion should be maintained
-Colouring must be improved
-Line clarity should be given attention