Swastika Parija, Orissa

Reattempt both the questions

complete the other tasks of the assignment

i understand your difficulty. i have sent you some design principles assignments to you. do them. use those as guidelines for creating interesting compositions.

follow the below sketch as reference.

go through the student drawings of shruthi singh, megha, meher for bench marking and inspiration..

create 2 composition using following symbols.
1. $, #, @ , +, ^
2. 0, 3, 6
submit the assignment by 3rd April. feedback and new tastks will be posted here on 6th April 2009 ( sat , sun holiday)

create an Abstract composition using 3 squares , 2 circles and 3 trianleg. colr them with 3 hues. submit the drawing by 1st April 5 pm.

will send you some assignments on coloring and 2d composition to start with. please answer them and submit by 31st march 5 pm

Dear Swastika,

Please submit your assignment as soon as possible.


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