Rjalekshmi, Nagarcoil

i have sent you next set of assignments. submit them.

check your mail for next assignment. correct the birds eye view as per the feedback.


Answer mock test 4

Answer mock test 1 and submit the sketches ( the sketch questions are revised)

answer mocktest 3 and submit the sketches.

good improvement.

this attempt is better than the previous one. try to create a 3d form as given in the question. redo the sketch

draw a gas cylinder , 2 pepsi bottles and a computer monitor in ants eye view and birds eye view and submit the sketches.

I have sent you some perspective drawings. please do them and submit.

redo the 3d composition asignment. create an abstract structure.

Task 2 - create a 3d sculpture for an architecture college using sphere, pyramid , cone and cube. repeat them as many times as required.
Task 3 - design a logo for an architectural firm using at least 3 basic geometric shapes and color it in 3 hues.

create a composition using a table lamp, photframe and a paper weight. do appropriate shading and submit.

good improvement. Create a 3d composition using a water bottle and 2 transperent half filled water glasses, one of witch contains a spoon in it.

Redo the drawing.

Create a 3d composition of 2 big books, a cofee mug and a computer mouse.

Let us start focussing on your 3d composition skills. i have sent you some samples and instructions. submit the assignment by 3rd April. feedback and new tastks will be posted here on 6th April 2009 ( sat , sun holiday)

lets us give more attention to your line quality. submit the above assignment by 16 th september. you need to do the assignment atleast 6 times and submit the jpegs. use a pencil first(3 attempts) and a black sketch for the other 3. take your own time and do it carefully. the freehand lines should be very neat and free flowing

the proportion of drawing is ok. line quality needs to be improved.

The increase in marks is beacuse of improving in coloring and not becasue of improvement in freehand drawing. PLease read the freehand drawing chapter from the book thoroughly. go through the this link http://picasaweb.google.com/umesh.gl/200607NATASketchDevelopmentCourseSamples and read the comments given on freehand drawings done by students. Analyse and write down( in comments section) in point wise what you have understood from them. Submit your review by 1st August. Reatempt your second sketch again. This time Take a zerox copy of the question figure , draw in the same page and send us the scan. donot color the image. let there be only the pencil lines along with the grid you draw for guide.

Dear Rjalekshmi,

we will focus on improving your freehand drawing first.Please read through the freehand drawing chapter from the our books and attempt the assignments given in it.Please submit atleast 2 assignments (patterns) from the book by 19th of July 2008

Tips -Use the grid methodFocus on proportion and scale of the pattern


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