Blessy.A.Simethy, Ernakulam

Answer mocktest 1 & 2 theme sketching and submit your sketchs...

Use the perspective concepts and draw a mixer grinder in ants eye view and birds eye view.

I have sent you some assignmet on perspective drawing by email. draw and submit it.

use trhe shading techniques lernt by doing these exercises and compose a 3d drawing using coffee mug, 2 big books and a computer mouse.

replicate one more 3d sketch and submit.

i have sent you some 3d samples replicate any 2 of them and submit them by 13th april before 5 pm

i have sent you some slides on steps of shading. follow them and redo your sketch.

vgood improvement. you have got coloring and 2d composition correct. lets move onto 3d composition. i will send you an image. study it thoroughly and make a similar 3d coposition using a sphere, cylinder, cube and pyramid. assume spot light focussed on your composition. create shades and shadows. submit this by 27th march.

you need to focus on -
coloring application
color choice and selection
2d composition
3d composition
shades and shadows
tell me how you want to go about it? you want to take up more assignments? let me know.

coloring assignment please. if you have any difficulty let me know. try to submit it by 4th march

please do the colloring as indicatee before and submit it asap.

implement the feedback and submit the coloring by 24th feb

good job. you need to practice a little more for getting good lines. please redo the assignment correcting the mistakes pointed out. use a fine tip black sketch pen for the final lines. submit the drawing by 15th october.

Pls redo the assignments and submit by 10th of October.

Please submit the above assignment(along with the previous one) by 16th of September

please darken the lines using a black sketch pen and resubmit the sketch. again the prime focus should be on quality of lines!!

am still not happy. lets do more assignments on improving your freehand. please do the next assignment and submit by 16th Aug.

Give some more attempts and submit the best drawing by 1st Aug . Dont use pen to darken the line. Use b or 2b pencil. the line quality should be very fine. regards.

please do the above assignment and submit brfore july 21st

Dear Blessy,

you have done a very good progress. congrats. From next assignment onwards, for every freehand drawing use the grid method thoroughly and give attention to quality of lines, character/ shape of line and proportion of spaces between the lines.

will send you the next assignment by mail.


Dear Blessy,

we will focus on improving your freehand drawing first.

Please read through the freehand drawing chapter from the our books and attempt the assignments given in it.

Please submit atleast 2 assignments (patterns) from the book by 4th of July 2008
Tips -

Use the grid method
Focus on proportion and scale of the pattern


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