Bharat Agarwal, Haryana

Let us start with the freehand drawing part. please read the freehand drawing chapter thoroughly . draw an ssubmit the assignments given in the book. do not color the drawings. focus on proportion and quality of line. submit your drawings by 23rd jan.

Please submit your assignment asap.


Bharat said...

I'm interested in resuming the course ASAP. I'm taking the NATA on the 8th of June, so we have 5 weeks to work on my drawing. Do I still have to attempt the freehand drawing questions since they are no longer in the NATA pattern?


Bharat said...

Sir, I mailed the freehand drawing questions on Monday before 5PM, and not it's Wednesday after 9AM and I am yet to receive feedback. Time is valuable right now, please respond quickly.

umesh said...

i have sent you 2 mails pls check them