Medha nag, Bangalore

please submit your Sketch. 29/03/ 2009

Bhagia, Delhi

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answer the following questions and submit them by 12th march.
take 2hrs 10mins
1.From a balcony of your fourth floor apartment you are looking at a small place of worship surrounded by a garden. Depict the scenario on a busy sunny day. Use an appropriate pencil as a medium.
2.Using in desired numbers, the basic geometric shapes found in a bicycle, make a visually appealing composition without overlapping the pieces and colour it using three colours in a medium of your choice.
3.Sixteen wooden cubes in four different colours are available with you. Make use
use of these cubes to create a show piece that can be displayed in your drawing room.

impliment the feedback and submit the drawing asap. will send you some info on 2d composition


Good job. For next assignment do some photography. Photography helps you think white Comparing a scene/ Picture. This will enable Toll to visually construct scenes creatively g Quickly. Take cue's from the Quick themes you have done in the Previous assignment for scene composition. submit atleast 15 photographs on depict themes by 4th march.

shading should not take more than 10 mins. you can cut time on doodles to 5 mins and uss it far shading. also if you are able to finish your free hand drawing before time , you can use the savee time for theme sketching. also you need to work on your draawing speed. for next assignment draa a busy temple street. submit the drawing by 26th feb

let me know the time breakup you have used for drawing these sketches. implement the feedback and submit hem by 24th Feb.

Give attention to proportion. You are doing good. if you want i can give you more themes for practice and continuee doing various different themes for practice. other wise you can choose to stop as your skills have come upto the expected level. let me know what you prefer.

take perspective cues from the doodle and redraw the sketch. submit it by 7th feb

good attempt. i suggest you to sink into the environment you are visualising. try to be a part of it. or rather BE IN IT. feel what kind of environment should that be, think about light conditions, think about what kind of environment inspire you in doing such an activity. for example. an art class need not be an indoor activity. it can also be an outdoor one. if it is an indoor activity, then one would prefer to get in floods of natural light into it, so that they can view the colors they use on the canvas in its pure form....
next assignment is to draw a court room, where a judicial proceeding is in progress....submit hte drawing by 3rd feb. ( you are doing great so far and i can see that you can do a lot more.... keep following the feedback and implement them as much as you can)....Also i hope you are reading through the books and answering online material. if you need any help let me know....

Visualise and sketch an Art class. submit the drawing by 29th Jan.

Update your theme sketch as per the feedback . Also draw a theme sketch on republic day parade. use one point perspective principles. Submit both the sketches by 27th jan.

your color application and line quality have improved a lot. Keep up the good work. Now attempt the mocktest 4 drawing section and submit the same by 24th jan. stick to the time constrains.

hope your questions are answered. fill in all hte balnks and submit htem by 22nd jan.

Good. answer and submit mock test 3 drawing questions by 21st jan.

draw the outlines of the freehand drawing a little thicker.

Good. now attempt mock test 2 both, freehand and theme sketching. stick to the time limit. submit hte drawings by 15th jan. use all the concepts you have learnt till now and do a good job. your drawings will be evaluated for 50 marks each.

your strength is in drawing human figures. so i suggest you give more importance in drawing a number of them and make the scene busy and interesting. follow the time break up. 40 mins foreground includes time alloted for human beings and the environment. the people and environment inthe foreground shoule be vvery well detailed out. 20 mins for back ground also indiates the time for people at far and the environmentt. they need not be very well detailed. so plan your time smartly and sketch accordingly. as a next theme - draw grand parents and 3 children playing in a garden with 2 pups and a dog, infront of a villa over looking a valley. submit the drawing by 13th jan.

draw a theme of a construction site and submit the drawing by 9th jan. keep a check on the time. draw what all you can in 60 mins of time.

good job. now using the one point perspective principles and the composition and shading concepts you have learnt draw a theme showing a college farewell party celebrations. draw all the relevant details along with human beings etc. make it a complete sketch. submit the drawing by 7th jan 2009.

submit the other drawings after your NEED exam, asap. -umesh(1/1/9)

i suggest you to read one point perspective chapter from the book and understand the concepts well. i will send you some drawings for one point perspective practice by email. submit them by 31st dec.

implement the feedback and redo the sketch as shown in ideal composition. submit the assignmhent by 28th dec.

Hi Meher,
Your coloring looks good. But not Stunning. Now you should work towards that. Conduct a google search on abstract paintings. select some Paintings you like the most. Compile them and submit by 23rd dec. umesh.

answer the above questions. i shall send you assignments based on your answers.

good job. keep practicing the freehand exercises daily.
now lets move onto the coloring part. color the above freehand drawing exercises using 3 different mediums you are comfortable with - sketchpens, color pencils, crayons, water colors. use atleast 4 colors which coloring hte drawing. submit the assignment before 17th dec.

proportion and character of the lines and spaces are good. you need to work on line quality. i hope you are doing daily freehand practice. send me the latest freehand practice that you have done. alos redo the above exercise.

submit this assignment by 12th dec.

i think you can do much better. can you redo this assignment using a pencil instead of a sketch pen. draw the final lines as dark as possible with the pencil (try using B/2B pencil) without compromising the line quality. submit the drawing by tommorow evening.

submit the drawings by 7th dec

complete all other freehand assignments in the book and submit them by 5th dec 2008.
try to draw the final line(presentation line) using a sketchpen.

Lets start with toning up your freehand skills.
PLease read the chapter on freehand drawing and attempt any 2 freehand drawing question given in the book.
Note: For now focus on the proportion and freehand drawing part of the sketch only. coloring will be taken up separately. so you dont have to color the freehand drawing for these assignments till i ask you to do so.submit you drawing by 1st december. if it is not convinent please leave a message in the comment section below quoting the problem and expected date of submission that is convenient for you.


Freehand drawing -

Ability to replicate the Drawing (proportion and character) - 50%
Ability to draw symmetrical drawing - 50%
Freehand line quality - 40%
Color combination - 30%
Color application - 20%
wow factor- 25%

Theme sketch -
view selection - 30%
scale and proportion of elements - 60%
Perspective - 50%
3d effect- 40%
wow factor - 35%